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So far, Gwen's research with Mohinder and the other Empire scientists was going...extremely well, actually. Tests were good, results were encouraging, and the staff all got along very well. As for her relationship with Mohinder, Gwen couldn't remember a time when she was happier. This long into their relationship and he was still charming, sensitive, and sweet. They stayed at one or the other's apartment frequently and had gone to parties and shows and weekend trips together.

Things were quite wonderful.

But back to work. They were moving to primate testing this coming week. Things had gone so well with the mice and amphibians that they were moving on to primates. They were going to start with a spider monkey, but he was just so adorable and sweet that Gwen insisted he be a mascot and a pet and not one of their test subjects. There were a few grumblings about it, but in the end they relented to her request.

Today the monkey was sitting on a filing cabinet while Gwen was organizing some of the data from yesterday. She chuckled as he picked up a package of sticky notes and started leading through them. Then she glanced at the clock, noting that Mohinder should be back with their coffee soon.


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