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May. 14th, 2013 07:22 pm
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So far, Gwen's research with Mohinder and the other Empire scientists was going...extremely well, actually. Tests were good, results were encouraging, and the staff all got along very well. As for her relationship with Mohinder, Gwen couldn't remember a time when she was happier. This long into their relationship and he was still charming, sensitive, and sweet. They stayed at one or the other's apartment frequently and had gone to parties and shows and weekend trips together.

Things were quite wonderful.

But back to work. They were moving to primate testing this coming week. Things had gone so well with the mice and amphibians that they were moving on to primates. They were going to start with a spider monkey, but he was just so adorable and sweet that Gwen insisted he be a mascot and a pet and not one of their test subjects. There were a few grumblings about it, but in the end they relented to her request.

Today the monkey was sitting on a filing cabinet while Gwen was organizing some of the data from yesterday. She chuckled as he picked up a package of sticky notes and started leading through them. Then she glanced at the clock, noting that Mohinder should be back with their coffee soon.

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Yes, they'd finally moved on to the last testing phase before they could begin the trials on humans. Mohinder was of course ecstatic about the whole process. The abilities they were producing weren't powerful enough to be very dangerous on their own. At least, they weren't meant to be, so there wasn't that big of an ethical dilemma here. People would have been no more dangerous than the animals they were taking the skills from.

At the moment, Mohinder was returning from a coffee run for their little break they were about to take together. "Honey, I'm home," he joked as he came through the doorway and went over to Gwen. "Here you are - your favorite. Sweet for my sweet." He handed her a cup before picking up his own chai latte and sipping on it.

After a few swallows, he leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. "So, are you ready for a little break? We could rearrange your office like you said you wanted to do? I think you mentioned the sun was casting a glare on your monitor?" After a quick glance around, he gave her a few more pecks to the cheek.

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"You're most welcome." Mohinder didn't hesitate with returning the kiss. Thank goodness that monkey couldn't talk. When the kiss was over, he sat his cup down where he thought it would be safe from the little monkey's grasp. It still had to cool some anyway.

As he was led to her office, he quickly gave the big cage in the room a once over, making sure the bigger ape inside there was sleeping. That was the current test subject. And everything seemed to be going fine with that specimen so far.

"Yes, I went to your favorite cafe on 6th. Which is now also my favorite." Once they were inside her office, he closed the door behind them and held her close before continuing. "So if I'm Prince Charming, what does that make you? I don't think I'm up to date on the fairy tales. Snow White? Sleepy Beauty?" Yeah, they had work to do, but a little goofing around wouldn't hurt.

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Belle? Mohinder's thoughts began to roam as he smirked into the kiss and gave her a squeeze, holding her even closer. It was little breaks like this that helped to keep him motivated since this project could eventually take years until they saw success. It was moving fast so far, but he didn't want to count his chickens before they were hatched, as the American saying went.

"Thank you but don't sell yourself and your staff short. I'm glad as well. It's so strange that the one little email you sent me set all this into motion..." The smirk returned before he continued, "So, getting back to this Belle character. That would then make me the beast you'd have to tame, correct?" At that, he leaned in and playfully growled and nipped at her neck.

In the other room, the spider monkey had found Mohinder's drink and began walking around with it, teasing the bigger monkey in the cage with the sight of it...

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"Me too. That had to be the most important email I've ever received," he mumbled against her skin. After a few more kisses dipping down around her collarbone, he rested his chin on her shoulder to enjoy her fingers running through his hair and to scan the room, mentally calculating where to move things. It was like a puzzle, but the main objective was getting the glare off from her monitor. So at least he knew where to move the main desk.

"You know, we could just put up some black curtains," he joked. "Actually, I think I have it worked out. I can even put your filing cabinets in the same order, only on another wall but still near your main desk. Also, I think it best to put the mini fridge near the coffee maker so you have all your foods and beverages near each other. While we're at it, we should get you a latte and Frappuccino machine too..." he began to ramble.

It was about this time that the little monkey got too close to the cage, allowing the bigger one to grab hold of the cup and begin gulping it down. The caffeine did not mix well with the light serum they'd already injected him with, causing the large creature to begin freaking out and ripping the door open on its cage.

The noises echoed down the hallway, interrupting Mohinder's rambling, causing his eyes to widen. "That did not sound good. Do you have a spare tranquilizer gun in here?"

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As she went for the gun, Mohinder peeked out of the doorway to make sure the animal wasn't heading straight for them. It appeared clear and none of the doors were open in that hallway, so the creature must have went the other way.

"It's heading for the exit. Luckily it shouldn't be able to use any of the elevators, so we'll have it trapped. If you think you have a clean shot at the neck, go for it. Otherwise just aim wherever you can on it." He wasn't sure now many darts it would take. He'd been so distracted by everything that he hadn't taken the time to calculate it. Well, Gwen was quite a distraction.

Normally, he'd take the gun and lead, but he knew she could do this, and followed closely behind her as they made their way down the hallway. Every step, he kept on his guard. Once they were in the lab again, there was no sign of the creature, so Mohinder took a moment to get a gun of his own out of one of the drawers.

There was a fork in the hall going toward the exit. "I'll take left, you go right. At the very first noise you hear, come and get me, promise?" After giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, he began heading down the left hallway.

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As Mohinder made his way down the hallway, checking for signs that would have been obvious that he giant creature had been through there, he held the tranquilizer gun steady. All the doors that way seemed to not have been touched. After turning the corner there and glancing at the last of the rooms, he confirmed - this was the wrong way.

That was when he heard the commotion coming from the other direction and went running. When he finally made to to Gwen, he gave her a quick once over to make sure she hadn't been hurt before noticing the ape was on its way. As he stood between her and the oncoming creature, the gun went up so he could aim.

At first, the ape was slow, and he should have taken the shot then. As if gaining a second wind, the creature went into turbo mode and flung itself into the air. That was when Mohinder took the shots, hitting it right in the neck...

But he was a moment too late. The monkey had just enough energy left to bite down hard on Mohinder's arm as it came crashing to the ground and falling over in unconsciousness.

Through gritted teeth, Mohinder mumbled a few foreign words which were no doubt curses. There was blood soaking through his sleeve now. "Well, I'm alright. What about you?" he said looking towards Gwen, trying to play it off as nothing so she wouldn't worry.

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Mohinder figured that wouldn't work; the blood gave him away too easily. But still, he was going to keep up a tough act so at least she wouldn't worry too much. Without a fuss, he let her lead him around like an injured puppy, all the while trying to keep a neutral expression and not grit his teeth.

As she mended him up, he watched her and thought of how fortunate he was to have such a caring girlfriend. Mohinder was usually the one taking care of the other person, so this was a nice change of pace. Although his arm was hurting, observing her concern took his mind off from it. "Thank you," he said softly as she continued.

"With my side ability of stamina, it doesn't hurt as badly as it appears, but yes, it does sting a little. I suppose we can go to the hospital," he said casually, not really wanting to go, but knowing he should.

After she was finished, he leaned forward to wrap his good arm around her and kiss her on the cheek. "I'm just glad it got me instead of you. I shouldn't have sent you down that hallway alone. I was unaware it could move that fast." Normally the creature couldn't, but since the ingredients from the latte interacted with the serum they had injected it with, the ape went berserk. It was something that was overlooked in the calculations.

Once she was ready, he would follow her outside and to her car to hop in.

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After the nurse and doctor were finished taking blood and fiddling with his arm, re-wrapping it after they'd bathed it in antiseptics which caused him to sharply inhale air through gritted teeth, and they'd left the room, Mohinder could finally speak candidly. "That ape did not have the strength to open his own cage. I triple checked the calculations, making sure the metal and locks were of the highest quality. Also, he should not have been able to move that fast. Something happened, I'm sure of it."

With his good arm, he took her hand and absently thumbed over the top of her fingers. "The only logical thing I can think of, is that either the serum had an affect that just now hit the creature for some reason, or an outside force interfered." His eyes went to hers. "Are you theorizing what I'm theorizing? Our little spider monkey, Abu, possibly had something to do with this."

((We hadn't named the little monkey yet, right? lol))

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Mohinder nodded. "Exactly. There is no possible way that our calculations could have been so far off to allow this to happen," he agreed as he stood up, making sure not to move or put pressure on the bitten arm. After trying to hide his wobbling, he gave her a confident smile. "But yes, I am feeling up to it if you are?"

Although he felt slightly lightheaded, he shrugged it off as the loss of blood he'd just endured. He'd be fine in no time, he convinced himself. But just in case, he took her hand to steady him. "Normal blood dizziness. I should be fine shortly," he assured her as he let her lead him down the hallway, unable to remember the way out... and men did not stop to ask for directions.

"Hey, you didn't buy me something from the gift shop," he joked as they passed by the doorway to the shop. "I suppose I will just have to settle for one of your amazing back massages that make my toes curl." Leaning over, he gave her a light kiss on the cheek and squeezed her hand.

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Seriously, he couldn't have asked for a sweeter girlfriend. At her suggestion that he stay with her, he attempted not to appear too excited. It was terrible that he'd gotten bitten, but at least something good came out of it. Mohinder loved spending time with her. "That is an excellent idea. I would love to stay at your place. We could even see about getting a nurse's outfit for you... You know, so you would appear more official, yes," he said with a somewhat straight face before clearing his throat.

He nodded and waited patiently as she went to the vending machine. Mohinder was used to such food by now since sometimes he'd be too busy for a proper meal. Eyes lit up once he noticed the cookies she was bringing back with her. "Yes, ma'am."

As she held onto him, he opened the pack and began eating. When they were finally outside, he held a cookie between his teeth and turned his head toward her, implying for her to take a bite from it Lady and the Tramp style. It must have been one of the meds they gave him causing him to act so silly... Or, the beginning of something else entirely. Dun dun dun.

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"Mmhm," he agreed with a hum before popping the rest of the cookie into his mouth. "I suppose you're correct." After she'd opened the car door for him, he ran his hand over her shoulder in thanks before hopping in. So that was what that felt like; he'd never had anyone open a door for him before.

During the drive, he tilted his head to lie it on the headrest as he finished off the bag of cookies. "Those were delicious. Thank you again. Now, if I could just find some milk. I think we have some in the fridge in the lounge. So crisis averted." Or so he hoped. He couldn't remember feeling this thirsty before. It was unusual. Must have been the meds again.

After they made their way inside, Mohinder began to scan the room where the incident took place. It wasn't long before he spotted his spilled drink inside the cage. "Look. It appears our subject ingested my latte." After putting on a set of gloves, he bent down to retrieve the cup before taking it over to the sink nearby. With a cotton swab, he soaked up some of the latte and then handed the stick to her.

"Here. I need you to test this. I would, but I'm feeling light headed. I'll take a seat and help you verbally if you need me," he said before sitting down at the nearby table. "I guess the direct approach first - combine it with a sample from the ape and see what it does under the microscope, please, dear."

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Mohinder nodded as he gave her a slightly goofy grin. "Of course, my love." Then he rested his chin on his palm as his eyes remained locked on her while she did the science thing she did so well. Although his mind would normally be focused on the task at hand, apparently the drugs were still working on him, causing his thoughts to wander to happier subjects.

At her words, he frowned. "That is unfortunate. At least we have a lead now. Make sure to leave some sort of note for the others to find in the morning... I knew you could do it. You have to be the sexiest scientist I've ever met. You know that?" And there went one of those happy subjects now. "So intelligent. So sweet. All mine," he said in a trance like voice while smiling up at her from his seat.

"I must say, those were some good drugs they gave me. I don't think they've worn off yet." That was the only logical explanation he could think of. "Anyway, are you ready to put this day behind us? I just want to go home, cuddle up with you, and watch movies." Carefully, he went to stand. "Oh and perhaps we could stop to replace my latte on the way home?" Unknown to him, that was a very bad idea...
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((Oh nah, it's fine. I didn't have anything planned. I knew she'd probably catch it. But now she gets to deal with pouty Mo, lol. I'm trying to think up what abilities they may have tried to give the ape, but all I can think of is a spider for the webbing abilities or a chameleon for blending in. Let me know if you think of something else. :) ))

Although Mohinder understood her theory about keeping him away from caffeine and was currently nodding his head in agreement like an adult should, once she spelled it out for him - no chai tea for the foreseeable future - he couldn't help the epic pout he gave her. Mohinder couldn't remember the last time he went a day without a cup of chai, latte, or frappuccino. This would be the toughest challenge of his life. "A-alright. You are correct. After I begin feeling better, I'll have to run tests on myself to be certain and then see about a cure if I need it."

At the kiss, he gave her a hug before she went to her office. While she was gone, his eyes roamed over to the latte cup. It still had a few sips left in it... A few sips of that delightful, heavenly, brown, sweet liquid. His tongue ran across his lips as he thought about the taste, the smoothness of the liquid running down his throat, and then the caffeine high afterwards. He sighed. The more one couldn't have something, the more they wanted it, it seemed. He needed something to get his mind off that drink...

When Gwen returned, he walked over to her, smiled innocently, and then crashed his lips into hers, giving her his most passionate kiss while his arms wrapped around her. Yes, this should get his mind off the latte... for now. After the kiss was over, he would follow her out to the car.
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